As the game of Futsal grows and its popularity throughout the UK increases, so does the professionalism and competiveness in each league.

The fast pace of Futsal ensures it is almost impossible to correctly recall specific incidents from a team or individual player performance. These key incidents that occur during a game can easily be misinterpreted or simply forgotten.

At In-Play Sports we work within the FA National Futsal League and provide our clients with a vital tool that the majority of other teams don't have: the ability to professionally review performance at an affordable cost.

Our High Definition game footage can be used to review performance or even as an advertisement tool. We can provide post-match, live, opposition and trend analysis. Having this opportunity to review video footage and analysis data from any game during a season can be a priceless asset to both coaches and players alike. We can also create video highlight packages to help advertise the sport, your team and your club! These packages include highlight clips from games and training sessions that can be used on your club website and social media accounts.

For more detailed information on the services we can provide and how we can benefit you or your futsal club, please click here to visit our services page.