There are a large variety of events included in the sport of athletics and our bespoke services are there to benefit you as an athlete or coach in your chosen event.

The simplicity of being able to instantly review performance on video can be a great help when trying to understand and improve performance in athletics.

At In-Play Sport we are proud to have worked across a number of athletic events and have worked closely with individual athletes focussing specifically on areas of their performance that they would like to review and improve.

We can provide High Definition video for performance review and also biomechanical analysis. From this, techniques and specific areas of a performance can be compared, strengths and weaknesses can be identified and an improvement plan can be put in place. Our team of experts can analyse the most intricate parts of a skill using specialist recording equipment and software that allows video to be slowed down considerably. This allows joint and body angles to be measured and movement patterns to be analysed in immense detail.

For more detailed information on the services we can provide and how we can benefit you as an athlete or coach, please click here to visit our services page.