By using professional recording equipment and the latest software, we can film any sport or event in High Definition from a position of your choice.

Match video footage can be captured in a variety of different styles: wide angle, TV style or both.

Tall Camera Systems
The specialist camera systems we use can reach heights of up to 25ft, ensuring a fantastic TV style view of any sport. Regardless of the filming venue and whether or not there is access to a TV gantry or video tower, these camera systems can shoot high definition video from any position with ease.

Their compact, lightweight design allows them to be transported and utilised throughout the UK by our team of experts. An ill-equipped venue is no longer an excuse for not having your match filmed!

  • Accurately remember and review all events that occurred during a performance
  • Use the video footage as a valuable coaching tool
  • Great for athletes and coaches who like to carry out their own performance analysis
  • Create a larger fan base by using video footage and video highlights on social media.