Powering Athlete Performance™

In-Play Online is our brand new performance management platform for athletes and sports clubs. Our talented team of performance analysts and tech experts have worked closely with top level coaches and professional athletes to develop an online platform that suits the needs of everyone involved in the coaching and analysis process.

Athletes and coaching staff now have a centralised hub where they can view, analyse and share content with ease. This powerful coaching tool completely revolutionises athlete development and the way performance analysis is delivered. Managing all areas of performance has never been so simple!

Key features include: analysis timelines, a statistical matrix, detailed user analytics and a tagging suite where users can carry out their own video and statistical analysis.

In-Play Online can be securely accessed on both desktop and mobile devices providing users with on-the-go access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We help athletes DEVELOP.
We help teams WIN.

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