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Can I use your services on a game by game basis?
Yes, of course. Our services can be used on a ‘pay as you play’ basis. However, we do offer seasonal and multiple game contracts which enable clients to receive extra discount.
Where in the country are you based; am I too far from you?
Our head office is based in Yorkshire, England. However, we have members of our team situated across the United Kingdom to ensure our services can be accessed at almost any location throughout the country.
How will I receive any video or analysis that I purchase from you?
This can be decided by you. Hard copies on DVD and paper documents can be provided but our preferred method of delivery is to transfer everything electronically using our own, private online file sharing platform. All of our work can be accessed on mobile and desktop devices and is fully compatible with Apple, Windows and Android operating systems.
How quickly do I receive any analysis or video footage?
We pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency of our services. With the quickest turnaround time in the analysis industry, our video footage can be provided to you immediately after recording. Any analysis can be sent in as little as 12-24 hours after the event has finished. These timings do however depend on the type of bespoke service that is provided.
Can we publish any video/analysis on our club’s website for our fans to see?
Yes. As long as you receive written permission from us or a publishing agreement is written into your contract with us.
Do I need specific facilities or a professional venue to be able to access your services?
Not at all! Regardless of your budget or facilities, we can provide a service to help you. Stadium venues or facilities that have an elevated area obviously make our job easier, but if this is something that you don’t have access to do not worry. Whether it’s a local athletics track, on a local playing field or at a local leisure centre, we have specialist equipment and highly skilled staff that will ensure all of your filming and analysis needs are taken care of.
I am unsure on how performance analysis could benefit me. How can you help?
Contact our team of experts to discuss how we can help you. All of our services can be tailored to your individual needs - we definitely have something for you!
Will my analysis be kept confidential and is it securely stored somewhere?
Yes, absolutely. All analysis and client information is kept confidential through the implementation of strict confidentiality agreements. All data is stored in a secure location(s). All video and analysis work is also securely backed up electroncially. We fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Does your company have a VAT number?
Yes. In-Play Sports Ltd is VAT registered.
VAT NO. 209674978
Our VAT number and other relevant details can also be found at the top of our invoices.